Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty Guide – The Best Weapons And How To Get Them

A complete guide on all the weapons in Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty.

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Wo Long Fallen Dynasty (14)

If you’re looking for the best weapons in Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty, then you’ve come to the right palace. Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty houses an incredible collection of weapons, each with their own unique fighting style and advantages and disadvantages. Finding the perfect build can be challenging, especially if this is the first attempt at a new Souls game.

So without further ado, let’s jump into the weapon list. We’ll start off with a tier list, followed by a brief summary of every weapon (advantages, disadvantages, and other features), and finally discuss how you can obtain them. By the time you’re done reading, you’ll have a clear idea on what kind of weapon you want for your character.

Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty Weapon Tier List

SStraight Saber, Glaive, Sword, Dual Swords, Dual Sabers.
ABow, Repeating Crossbow, Spear, Curved Saber, Slashing Spear.
BCrossbow, Staff, Hammer, Halberd, Dual Halberd, Poleaxe.

Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty Weapon Breakdown

In this section, we’ll be dividing the weapons (14 melee and 3 ranged) based on their shape, attack speed, range, deflection power, and combo potential. Every weapon has individual strengths and weaknesses, and we’ll be discussing all of them in detail.

Big Sticks

Big sticks have a decent range and deal massive amounts of HP and Spirit damage. However, they are slow and consume a lot of spirit when performing Martial Arts or simply deflecting attacks.

WeaponDescriptionList of Weapons
GlaiveIf you’re a fan of long range slashing weapons, then the Glaive is the perfect pick. You can attack from a distance while keeping yourself safe from enemy attacks. However, it’s quite slow and easily interrupted by fast opponents.– Azure Dragon Crescent Glaive – Curve-headed Glaive – Polearm Glaive – Triumphant Conquest
HalberdThe Halberd’s axe-like head deals a ton of damage from a distance, but suffers from the same drawbacks as the Glaive.– Bronze Halberd – Cavalry Halberd – Sky-Piercing halberd
StaffThe staff is a bit faster compared to both Glaives and Halberds. However, they have a  slightly shorter range and deal less damage compared to the other two big stick weapons.– Bronze Polearm Mace – Five-Colored Cudgel – Golden Staff of King Yufu – Jade-Green Staff – Nightowl Cane – Soaring Ursine Cane – White Wooden Cudgel

Dual Weapons

WeaponDescriptionList of Weapons
Dual HalberdsCompared to the single halberd, the dual one has shorter range, but they are way faster. It’s the right balance between damage and speed, but the weapon is outperformed by others in terms of DPS during the late-game.– Dual Halberds of Lady Hao – Dual Marquis Halberds – Dual Rapier Halberds – Tiger Fang Dual Halberds – Dual Rooster-Crowning Halberds
Dual SwordsBeing one of the best weapons in the game, it’s usually the goto option for more players. Although it lacks overwhelming DPS, the weapon’s ability to stun enemies is invaluable.– Bronze Dual Swords – Chivalrous Swordsman Dual Swords – Gan Jiant and Moye – Pair Swords of Aspiration
Dual SabersQuite similar to dual swords, but they have a different combo and it was more versatile.– Hook Blades of King Helu – Hundred-Forged Sabres – Mounted Bandit Scimitars

Heavy Weapons

WeaponDescriptionList of Weapons
PoleaxeAn all rounder weapon, suitable for close and long range engagements. The Poleaxe is quite versatile, letting you engage, deflect and dodge when you see fit. However, the overall damage falls off during the late game.– Bronze Polearm – Guard Polearm – Vermilion Bird Greataxe
HammersA hard hitting weapon that deals massive amounts of damage. However, it’s also very slow and is not recommended for beginners.– Great Club of Polaris – Great Wooden Hammer – Master SMith Hammer – Quake Griffin Hammer – Wolf Fang Club

Ranged Weapons

WeaponDescriptionList of Weapons
BowLet’s you attack enemies while you’re on the move. The DPS is not great, but it’s a great option if you like to maintain distance between you and the enemy.– Bamboo Bow – Feathered Cavalry Bow – Flying General’s Bow – Tiger Hunting Bow
CrossbowUses smaller bolts that deal more damage compared to the traditional bow. However, it takes longer to reload the weapon and you’ll also have to stay still while aiming it at an enemy. Best used for large high HP targets. Use the Bow if you have to move around.– Bamboo Crossbows – Yellow-Shouldered Crossbows
Repeating CrossbowThe magical equivalent of a machine gun. It Fires standard-sized crossbow bolts at high speeds. Although , you do have to stay still in order to fire the weapon, it’s perfect for taking out large hordes of enemies.– Bamboo Repeating Crossbows – Colonel Repeating Crossbows


WeaponDescriptionList of Weapons
Straight SaberQuickly switching between attacking and deflecting is one of the key features of this weapon. It excels in thrusting and slashing attacks, but the short reach and low DPS are a letdown for most players.– Dire Tiger – Ring Pommel Sabre – Sirius
Curved SaberThis weapon is really fast, so you can switch to defense moves super quick. It’s also easy to use, and the special attack can help you get closer to the enemy. But, it suffers from a reduced range and lacks power. Moreover, if you block too much, you’ll get tired out really fast.– Drought Demon Blade – Podao – Qiang Scimitar – Guiding Blade
SwordThe sword is perfect for 1v1 scenarios because it mostly consists of thrust attacks. It also has a fast attack, a longer reach than the Sabre, and a decent DPS to tie everything up.– Bronze Sword – Halo – Heaven’s Reliance – Iron Sword – Jade-Guarded Sword – Ritual Sword of Chaos – Saint’s Virtue – Sword of Yu the Great


WeaponDescriptionList of Weapons
SpearDecent range, like the heavy weapons, and a better high attack speed. However, the higher Spirit Consumption while guarding against attacks isn’t always optimal.– Cavalry Javelin – Heavy Cavalry Spear – Spear of the Hegemon-King – Unparalleled Spear
Slashing SpearAlmost the same as the normal spear, but has more horizontal range and is capable of taking several enemies at once.– Bronze Spear – Invictus Serpent Spear – Iron Poled Snake Spear – Iron Spetum – Spear of King Fuchai

What are some of the best weapons in the Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty and how to get them

Here is a list of all the best weapons in Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty. However, nothing is set in stone, so feel free to try out other combinations that compliment your playstyle.

White Wooden Cudgel

The Wooden Cudgel is possibly the best early-game weapon. The innate ability to store additional Spirit upon landing a melee attack is underrated. It also has sufficient range, damage and speed that you can easily get used to with a bit of practice.

How to Obtain – If you’re lucky, the weapon will drop during the game’s first two levels. You can always buy it from the blacksmith if you can’t find it naturally. The upgraded version is obviously better, but even the base one is nothing to scoff at either.

Chivalrous Swordsman Dual Swords

At the time of writing this guide, the Chivalrous Swordsman Dual Swords’ attack speed feels overpowered. They may not have the highest damage, but the number of strikes more than makes up for it.

How to Obtain – You can get this weapon by completing The Demon Fort of the Yellow Heaven mission.

Feathered Cavalry Bow

Usually Bows are a better option compared to Crossbows. They are lighter and fire more frequently than their heavier cousins. However, the Feathered Cavalry Bow can shoot bolts much quicker, and all of them pack quite the punch.

How to Obtain – There is no surefire way to get this bow. It has a random chance during the first few missions. So if you want it, you’ll have to grind it out.

Podao (Curved Sabre)

The Podao is not an overpowered weapon, but a well-balanced one. The above-average attack speed, decent range, stagger potential, and deflection abilities make it one of the best all-around weapons in the game. It even scales with the Metal Virtue and increases your overall HP too.

How to Obtain – You can get it during the Two Chivalrous Heroes mission. The weapon will either drop from an enemy or appear in a chest. You may have to grind a bit before you find it, but the Podao is worth the wait.

Ring Pommel Sabre

The Ring Pommel Sabre is one of the weapons you can use throughout the game. The stats are all decent, with a slightly faster attack speed and better deflect potential. If you like fast attacking weapons, then it’s the perfect weapon for you.

How to Obtain – You begin the game with a basic version of the weapon, but you can get a better version during the first level.

Cavalry Javelin

Cavalry Javelin is designed around two of the most important attributes in the game: speed and range. It’s not as fast as the Dual Swords, but the fact that it scales with Wood Virtue is reason enough to pick it as a starting weapon.

How to Obtain – You can find it during the Flying Swallow of Heishan side mission. And if you’re lucky, you can even find it earlier at random.

What are best weapons for every Virtue in Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty

WoodRing Pommel Sabre, Bronze Polearm Mace, Bronze Sword, Five-Colored Cudgel, Cavalry Javelin, and White Wooden Cudgel.
FireIron Sword, Iron Spetum, Dual Rooster-Crowing Halberds, Bronze Spear, and Dual Marquis Halberds.
EarthPolearm Podao, Great Wooden Hammer, Heavy Cavalry Spear, Guard Poleaxe, Bronze Halberd, and Bronze Poleaxe.
WaterQiang Scimitar, Cavalry Halberd, Chivalrous Swordsman, Wooden Poled Spear, Bronze Dual Swords, Mounted Bandit Scimitars, Bamboo Bow, Bamboo Crossbow, and Bamboo Repeating Crossbow.

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